My Goodwill Haul: September 5, 2014



• Anchor Steam Beer Tin Plaques $1.99/ each
• World Market curtain panels $4.49/ a panel
• Hand carved wooden mancala game board $3.49
• Unfinished wooden plaque $.99
• That’s Queen Bitch to You book $1.99
• Bag of specialty yarns $2.49

I’ve been meaning to wash all our curtains but at the same time change them for fall. So, I totally scored fall colored curtains from World Market that were brand new. We almost bought curtains from World Market on sale for $19.99 for each panel but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the colors. Thankfully, I decided to wait. I’m glad I did with just a little trim, they’ll work just fine.

I almost didn’t buy the mancala game board but it looked so unique that I couldn’t resist. Plus I figured it would be a great bead holder when making multi-bead projects.

When I saw the Anchor Steam tins, I had to pick them up. Anchor Steam is one of my most favorite beers and it’s made right here in my hometown of San Francisco.

The rest of my picks are crafting items that’ll be added to my stash. I ended up going an hour later than usual so I wasn’t expecting to find anything.

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep all the items I bought. I’ll have to see what I can part with. I love thrifting; you just ever know what you’ll find.


My Walgreens Online Order


This is one Walgreens order that I received in two parts. The items look great now but when I received them they were covered in eyeshadows that Walgreens had packed haphazardly in a huge box without adequate padding.

The shadows in the LA Colors palette I ordered turned into dust from being thrown all around in the box.

I may enjoy shopping in their neighborhood stores but I dislike ordering off their website. Actually, they suck when shipping your items; either they hire postal device that can’t find the address (Fed Ex) or your make up explodes during transit.

So, this order I picked up:

•ELF eyeshadow palette
•ELF Lip exfoliator
•ELF Concealer palette
•Rimmel Kate lip stick No. 08
•Wet n Wild mega Length mascara in Very Black
•Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color in Raisin’ The Roof
• Wet n Wild Mega Lip Color in It’s A Girl
•Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Independent

So far, I’m very happy with the lip exfoliator and the concealer palette. ELF is definitely having a major moment in my make-up bag. I shunned the brand for years because I figured it was cheap and wouldn’t be worth the money but their products receive rave reviews from various beauty vloggers on YouTube that I had to try their products for myself. I must say, I’m very happy with the ELF products I’m using.

Kitchen Shortcuts: Mama Sita’s Palabok Sauce Mix & Juan Calamansi Powder


Palabok is a Filipino noodle dish that consists of many, many various components.

We use the thin Bihon or rice noodle. The sauce I’m accustomed to is made of sautéed pork, shrimp, spices and fish sauce.

Lastly, we top the sauce and noodle mixture with crushed pork rinds, sliced hard boiled eggs, more shrimp, spring onions and slices of lemon.

I love palabok but if made from scratch can be time consuming and tedious. I usually ask Hubs to cook palabok for special occasions but it takes a lot of begging and coaxing for him to agree.

So because I’ve been craving palabok we decided to pick up the Mama Sita Palabok Sauce Mix. I bought the sauce packs, jarred tinapa and rice noodles from the Asian food market. I had all other ingredients on hand.

I had almost (no pork rinds and fresh lemon) all the ingredients so I decided to go ahead and cook it.

This version has no pork but uses tinapa flakes. I sautéed the tinapa with garlic and oil then tossed it into the sauce which I just dissolved in 6 cups of chicken broth and added fish sauce.

Although I used the shortcut, the process still took me 1 1/2 hours from start to serving.

I also dug out Juan’s Calamansi powder because I love to eat my palabok with lots of lemon juice.

I just heat up 2 tablespoons of water and dissolved the powder. It smelled and tasted just like calamansi. It smelled like home.





Nothing will ever beat the real thing but this sauce mix made it possible for me to satisfy my craving. I enjoyed it because it was meatless, rich in seafood and very satisfying.

My Latest Obsession: Word Search App


It’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded any new apps. My phone is pretty full so I’m constantly cleaning out apps I don’t use to make room for new ones.

Hubs actually introduced this app to me and I’m addicted. I’ve always loved word searches. I used to have a subscription so I received a new word search book every month.

But, I love that the puzzles are timed so you can replay a search to improve how long it takes you to complete.

It’s free.

Each time you complete a search you unlock new puzzles.

They have different themes for different puzzles so you have a variety of searches to choose from.

I’m obsessed.


Travel Journal Pages: Dubai

Currently, my process of organizing our travel journals takes place after the fact.

This method does not work for a recovering procrastinator like myself.

Luckily, I’ve managed to start bits and pieces of pages for past trips. I know myself enough to know I will not work solely on one journal at a time because this causes me to lose focus, drive and enthusiasm.

Every journal to date is a work in progress.

To revamp my current process I’ve been working on travel journals for future trips. I know it’s a bit assuming but it also serves as motivation to save and budget for travel expenses. This is slowly helping with the whole spending situation. I’ve noticed our discretionary spending has decreased from previous months and my expectation for September feels both ambitious but manageable.

I used one of the yellow composition notebooks I picked up from Scrap. It’s a thin 40 page notebook, I just glued two pages together to strengthen them.

I used photos from an old Tumi Dubai book, pasted and protected them with gel medium.


I added some paper scraps from the Teresa Collins Travel paper pad and a few journal cards from the same set with washi tape.



I’m still considering what to do with the cover. Also, I’m trying to incorporate additional pages for daily journaling. There’s plenty left to do but I think I have time to figure it all out.

Michaels Haul: September 2, 2014

My goodness, it’s September already?!? Where’d you go, August? Over the Labor Day weekend I received another Michael’s coupon for 40% off. I wanted to check out any new items and pick up more tape runner refills.

The amount of decor and craft materials was crazy; every ounce of real estate oozed Halloween and/or fall. They have the fall colored faux foliage on sale which I didn’t pick up but might go back for. They had faux mums in royal purple, rust orange and mustard yellow colors that are perfect for the ber months ahead. I wanted to pick those up to (finally) decorate the huge L I picked up from Goodwill for $.99.

Today, I picked up two mixed media paper pads BOGOF, they have their scrapbooking stickers B2GOF so I bought vacation theme quote packs and a happy birthday sticker pack, assorted size paint brushes for collaging, a pack of these new mini postcard from Recollections, a pack of wooden windmills on clearance for $.99 and the tape runner refills.

Not too exciting. I’m working on a few scrapbook pages from our past trips to Washington DC, Belize and the Philippines. Also, I’m working on two vacation journals for upcoming trips. I want to have them ready before going (which I’m hoping will keep our mementos organized better)

Not too much else going on besides class, work and trying to get some crafting done.