Day Two Part Two: Pampering Time and Dinner at Josephine’s

Tagaytay was the first leg of a six week long trip which involved four Asian countries and three short domestic trips throughout the Philippine archipelago.  Facials and Brazilian waxes can be expensive in San Francisco without the help of a much needed Groupon so I decided to forego my maintenance and get these done when I got home.

Thankfully, we’d chanced upon LR Briones Skin Clinique.  They cared for our facial and my waxing needs.

The staff was extremely friendly and they made us feel welcome and comfortable.  I was especially pleased with my Brazilian wax that took about four hours total.  At the time, I felt as if our time had been wasted but the quality was top notch.  She was extremely thorough and despite the time commitment, it’s still my most favorite Brazilian wax of all time!

We continued to spend the rest of our day walking in and out of random stores buying necessities and a few luxuries.  Next thing you know, it’s dinner time.  We really enjoyed Josephine’s ambiance.  The decor and the restaurant looked very upscale and sophisticated.

Josephine’s lighted sign

A picture of the back outdoor dining area.

Josephine’s indoor dining room



IMG_1186  IMG_1180

Fried Kangkong with Aioli Dip- The best Josephine’s had to offer.


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