Decadent Travel on a Budget

Defining decadent can be as personal as choosing your signature perfume.  Decadent to me means luxury, indulgence and treating yourself to the finest money has to offer.  Of course, I’m not fortunate enough to be a gazillionaire who can afford EVERYTHING but I still feel blessed.

I’m very blessed because I have the opportunity to see the world even if its just a taste here or a glimpse there once or twice a year.

I used to think that buying new shoes or a handbag would fulfill me.  I never thought I’d change my shopaholic ways.  But ever since I experienced traveling to Hundred Islands in 2009 or the Underground River in 2010 I would never have believed I would make a conscious choice to forego the mall and focus my sights on the next country I wanted to visit.

I wish that I had realized sooner that traveling would help build my confidence, help me gain perspective and a broaden my understanding of the world.  It was a dream come true to visit Doi Inthanon, the highest point in Thailand or Taal Volcano in Batangas, Philippines.  These experiences will never go out of style.  No one will ever be able to take away the memories I have of these wonderful places.

I know traveling can be expensive.  Like I said earlier, I’m no gazillionaire but what makes these experiences priceless is the fact that they weren’t just handed to me.  I had to work hard, save harder and be very creative in planning the ultimate, most decadent trip on a budget.

So, I continue to hone my skills in finding the cheapest but most decadent flights, hotels, meals and activities to best experience this world one country at a time.


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