Little Doses of Lavish 

Since my last post I’ve often wondered what part of my current life could be considered lavish?  It’s an important aspect of this blog of mine, don’t you think?  It is only called Lorene Living Life Lavishly.
I like to think I’ve maintained a substantial life.  I’m no millionaire and far from it but I am rich.  I feel rich. Especially now I have the power to make my loved ones lives better than they were.  I don’t throw money at them and I don’t regal them with the finer things in life but the Hubby and I care for them.
We manage their food intake and make sure they have healthy, well-balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  
Sometimes even just a question to ask how they are feeling or if they’ve eaten makes a huge impact in their lives.
We educate and prepare ourselves with knowing what medications, dosages and their frequency.
Lavish living to me right now means an extra hour of sleep, a much needed body massage, an uninterrupted hour of Outlander or a Pepsi.  
There will come a time where difficulties will pass and at that point my level of lavishness shall change but today small doses of simple blessings help me get through the days of caring for elderly and ill parents, emergency room visits and a hectic work schedule.  
I look forward to the days when everyone is healthy again and I can indulge in weekend binges of Game of Thrones or a week vacation to an exotic location but for now the project manager in me just needs to delegate tasks, tackle each day head on and make them as meaningful as possible for as long as I can.


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