Slight Hiatus.

It’s been almost a full two weeks of no posts from me. This was an unplanned hiatus and I must confess I’ve just been distracted.  Recently, I’ve found myself addicted to watching make up tutorials on YouTube.  The good news is that I’m slowly perfecting my daytime smoky eye look.  The bad news is I’ve neglected important commitments to myself like my weekly manicure, my school work, my projects and my blog.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about doing some video blogging. I find the brainstorming of ideas, shooting content, editing videos and researching possible background music an exhilarating process but I can’t imagine myself on film.  The thought of it is downright intimidating and it’s putting me in this frozen mode funk I can’t shake.  So, I’ve slowly started weaning myself from the clutches of my addiction and focusing on addressing other aspects of my life that I’ve let go.

In addition to my YouTube fixation, I’ve been concentrating on reading more and completing my school assignments in advance.  I’m trying to reignite my critical reading and writing skills by reading, re-reading and completing critical writing pieces based on my book choices.

To date, I’ve completed reading two of Jhumpa Lahiri’s books, The Lowland and Interpreter of Maladies.  I’ve already gone ahead and recommended The Lowland to two of my work friends while I continue to revisit the Interpreter of Maladies which consists of short stories by the author.  I should be posting a few critical writing pieces on each story in the coming weeks.

My hiatus though abrupt has given me more time to explore, to nap more and to recommit to some of the neglected aspects of my life.  So please bear with me.


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