Snack Review: Outshine Fruit Bars

Hubs & I have been addicted to Dreyer’s Outshine Fruit Bars.

Initially, we picked up the pineapple flavor. We loved the pineapple flavor!I like that they’re made from real pineapple and it is a great source of vitamin c. They do have a lot of natural sugars (19 grams). They also have bits of pineapple embedded in the individual bars. They were bigger than I thought they’d be. They come in a box of six. Target had them on sale for $3 a box. They still could be on sale. I hope they’re still on sale.

We loved them so much I bought another box. I picked up a 12 bar box of tangerine, strawberry and raspberry flavors. These bars were smaller. I especially loved the strawberry and raspberry flavors though tangerine wasn’t bad either.

I don’t like that these bars are sweetened with Splenda.

They have a few that are artificially sweetened and others that are full of natural sugars. Just be sure to read the packaging.

I want to try other flavors, they have a variety of bars made from other fruits like peach, grape, lemon, lime, mango, pomegranate, black cherry and fruit & vegetable mix bars like carrot/tangerine and apple/greens.



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