Daiso Haul: September 6, 2014

While Hubs went to the gym, I went to Diaso and purchased the laundry bags I needed to wash our curtains and protect the attached grommets.
I also needed a pair of earbuds to watch YouTube videos. I found these cute pink ones.


In addition to two large mesh laundry bags, I also bought six assorted plastic organizers. Two to organize my night time products like lip balm, overnight lotion, my eye serum and lubricating eye drops, etc.
The two packs of smaller organizers to organize my memory cards (2 gb, 4 gb & 32 gb) and the other for antacids, Advil and lactose pills for work.


I also bought some felting materials because I’ve been really curious about this craft. I thought I’d start with one package of felting fluff. Although I put a pack of each color in my shopping basket at first, I eventually reconsidered and decided to stick with the purple set to play around with. I also picked up a pack of felting needles.



Everything else I bought is for the craft room and to help organize the various ephemera I have scattered throughout my crafting table. Oh, I also broke down and bought that cube of kraft paper post its.


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